Homework for Trimester 2
You will find what homework you are responsible for in two places:

  1. On this blog on the "Class Calendar 2011-2012" page.
  2. On the side whiteboard in my class.
When you come into class, take out your planner and write down the homework. If you don't see the homework on the whiteboard or on the calendar, you should ask me or email me to see if there is homework.

Homework Has Changed!
Starting immediately, we will stop working on Khan Academy for homework. You should check the side board in my class each period for your homework. You can also find the homework on the Math Class Calendar page.

All math classes will work on the Khan Academy program. Each week you are required to spend 20 minutes per day, at least 4 days per week. This means that you must logon at least 4 days per week and during each session you must spend at least 20 minutes either working on exercises or watching videos. In order to get any credit at all for a session on Khan, you must spend a minimum of 10 minutes. This means that if you go onto Khan, login, work for 9 minutes and logoff, you will not get credit for that time.

If you are not sure what you are supposed to do in Khan, please come talk to me so that I can explain to you your responsibilities.

Khan Journal
You must keep a journal showing all the work you do on the exercises. To help you not waste time writing out exercises you find easy, you don't have to start showing your work until you reach your 25th problem. That is, if you can complete your 10 problem streak before reaching your 25th attempt, you don't need to show your work. After that, ALL your work must be shown and the format you use must follow the examples below.

Make sure your journal has a date and a title of the exercises you are doing. If you don't follow the required format, you will not get credit for your journal. Again, if you are not sure what to do, come talk to me BEFORE you lose points.

Examples of Khan Journals:

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